søndag 18. juni 2017

While waiting for the Mitten Mystery

(You are finishing ufo's, aren't you while waiting for the mystery? 
You know you should...
Oops, just cast on for a new sweater, did you?
No, I won't tell anyone!)

Here are some previous mystery mittens to inspire you while we're waiting: 

Den hemmelige hagen (The secret garden)

More versions on Ravelry.

En gåte på en måte

This was the first mystery in the I make mittens group. More here

Soria Moria Vott

Soria Moria Vott - to celebrate Vottelauget's first mitten e-book. Lots of mittens here

Julevotten 2016

Advent Mystery Mitten in collaboration with Vottelauget. 
Only in Norwegian - if time permits coming in English for next Christmas. See more here

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