tirsdag 28. februar 2017

Mystery in March

From now on, you will find some posts in English and some in Norwegian - and my old blog in English will not be updated.

The first post in English is a mysterious one:
At Oslo Strikkefestival, I fell in love with a beautiful skein of red, fingering yarn from a French dyer - Les laines de l'écureuil, or Squirrel's yarn. I bought it and cast on immediately - for a scarf, or shawlette, that I made up as I went. I designed it so that could use every inch of the beautiful yarn. And since I was quite happy with process, and the result, I have decided to have some more fun with it:

I offer it as a free pattern in March - using the code MysteryinMarch - you get it free on Ravelry. It will be updated every now and then thoughout Marrc 2017.

You enter this mystery at your own risk!
The pattern has not been test knitted, in fact, it is, at this moment, not even written....

But the design is quite simple, so I hope and believe this will work out by the end of March.
It's actually my 100th pattern on Ravelry - all the more reason to celebrate with a mystery.

So if you have a beautiful skein of fingering yarn, appr. 400 m, feel free to join.
Gauge and yardage is not crucial, you just cast off when you run out of yarn. My gauge is 20 sts in garter stitch in 10 cm, I used needles 2.5 mm, you might want to choose a larger needle, as knit quite loosely in garter stitch (ok, so there I revealed that there is some garter stitch involved in this pattern... but at this moment, I say no more).

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  1. bliver opskriften ikke oversat til norsk?

    1. Denne oppskriften blir nok på engelsk. Men det er mulighet for å få god hjelp både i Facebook-gruppa og Ravelry-gruppa om man lurer på noe.